Non-anonymous sperm-donation + co-parenting (with an option of marriage)

For women who wish for the father of their baby not to be anonymous. Using this site, you can meet potential fathers and make arrangements about possibilities of joint care and support, involvement in the rearing of the child, and for the child to have a connection to the father’s family, etc.

For men who want to have children who are known to them, and for them to be known as the father.

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The website’s matching-feature itself is absolutely free! However, if you wish, you can choose our Premium service: counselors meet with you to acquaint themselves with you, and will arrange to meet with individuals who you have identified as a potential co-parent. They will help you gauge suitability and compatibility, and will provide guidance in arriving at a mutually-satisfactory situation and arrange a legally-binding signed agreement.

Do YOU want to be a paid counselor? Write to us If you are: a professional in a relevant field (psychologist, social worker, rabbi etc); have had your own personal experience with co-parenting; are very knowledgeable in relevant aspects; represent a relevant organization; etc.

[Note re the photo: Wishing to have a photo of smiling children but not to infringe on copyrights, I decided to use my own photo, taken in SE Asia. These children have no connection to the site, nor is the overall project in any way related to some specific location or ethnic group; also: this project is not in any way involved in adoptions, host-mother womb-for-hire, anonymous sperm-donation, or any other such endeavor.]

More information

Unless a different option has been specified explicitly by the two co-parents, the default method is via artificial insemination, but of course the prospective co-parents can decide otherwise if they both wish.

Ensure a smooth relationship via generic and individualized contracts detailing the roles and obligations of both parents:

Special medical insurance plans are available for mother and child during pregnancy, and for child and the parent(s) providing primary care for the child, and life insurance and other policies for both co-parents;

Legal experts can assist in creating estates and trusts to benefit the child

Financial experts can assist in creating educational savings accounts for private school and university tuition;

Financial planning, budgeting, for single parents.

Labs and organizations vetted by us can provide for: all the technical aspects of the sperm donation and insemination, genetic testing of both parents, medical checkup and history, psychological profile, criminal, legal and financial background checks, existence of prior marriages and other children, ,

Counselors associated to us can assist in broaching the idea to family members, and in smoothing the process of family acceptance, meetings between prospective grandparents…..

Trustworthy experienced attorneys will assist you in adapting the generic contracts presented here to your specific situation

For those associated with a religious group, we can point to relevant religious leaders who can assist in acceptance by the community…

Educational seminars and individual discreet sessions for prospective parents, explaining the genetics and social aspects, exploring legal and financial matters; exploring advantages and disadvantages of anonymous vs non-anonymous co-parenting.

Find others like yourself to form support groups, to share resources such as baby carriages, toys and clothes, childrens books, guides to parenting etc

Special seminars and weekends where parents and their child can meet others in the same category, share experiences, learn from each other, have their child feel at home with the situation via meeting other children with similar background.

secure and discreet venues will be made available for first and subsequent meetings with prospective co-parents , chaperones can be provided.

contracts are available for various levels of involvement of both parents with child-rearing: financial and time commitments, housing etc

Nanny service, all carefully vetted. Weekend play-groups under nanny-supervision at resorts, allowing parents to enjoy a vacation without having to find somewhere to leave their child.

  • Single parents in general may find some of the services listed above to be appropriate.
  • Teen mothers with unexpected pregnancies can be sponsored by others for relevant services.
  • Terminally-ill men can donate sperm, and the parents of the sperm donor will be involved in the child’s life.
  • Women: you can donate eggs to another woman and be a co-mother.

Note: Meet other coparents on the Site with whom to share a household & babysitting.


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