For Jewish Religious/Traditional co-parenting

Finally for those of you intending to go to a sperm bank, now you have another option, creating a Jewish family – not just a Jewish baby; a baby with a double-lineage/heritage, two sets of grandparents, two involved parents.

A father for the child, not just a mother. And with the possibility of communal support, counseling etc.

Co-parenting is not intended to be instead of marriage etc, it is only instead of going to a sperm bank; it is not instead of a family, and is not against the idea of family, quite the reverse – it is Pro-family!

Of course, this path is generally “Bid’e’avad”: One person described a “period of mourning” that was part of her process in deciding to have a child. “You have to grieve, giving up your picture of the way you thought you would do this, the big wedding and all.”

Some potentially useful names & links:

  1. Single Mothers by Choice: Two organizations, a Book title, a blog, a documentary
  • Dvora Ross: Kayama
  • Jane Mattes : Single Mothers by Choice  
  • Rosanna Hertz: 2006 book “Single by Chance, Mothers by Choice:
  • BLOG:
  • Documentary: ABC documentary film “All Of The Above”

Rabbis who have expressed relevant opinions:

  • Rabbi Yuval Cherlow:
  • Rabbi Nachum Eliezer Rabinovich:
  • Rabbi Yaakov Ariel
  • Rabbi Baruch Gigi,
  • Rabbi Adam
  • Rabbi David Bleich
  • Rabbi Joel Roth, professor of Talmud and rabbinics The Jewish Theological Seminary


  • social worker Dina Kazhdan
  • Jewish fertility organization Puah: Rabbi Menachem Burstein,Rabbi Gideon Weitzman
  • halachic advisor Rabanit Gila Hazan,
  • Dror Meirow, fertility preservation program at the Chaim Sheba Medical Center.
  • Dr Dorit Segal-Engelchin, a lecturer at Ben- Gurion University’s department of social work
  • Ined Holstein, the executive director of Fathers & Families, a Boston-based
  • sociologist David Popenoe, co-director of the National Marriage Project at Rutgers University
  • Tehilla Blumenthal, an Israeli psychologist
  • writer and Orthodox feminist Blu Greenberg
  • Dina Rosenfeld, a consultant and community educator at JCCA

Journalists, articles



Ynet,7340,L-3942580,00.html by Dr. Ruchama WeissRabbi Levi Brackman , Gilit Chomsky

: 08.25.10, 13:22 / Israel Jewish Scene,7340,L-4144170,00.html

Single religious woman seeks baby Tzofia Hirschfeld

Published: 11.17.11, 13:59 / Israel Jewish Scene

Praying for a child: Infertility in religious society / Racheli Malek-Boda

And baby makes two  World Jewish Digest | August 2008  By Shoshana Kordova

Single Motherhood in the Orthodox Community August 30, 2010 by Hannah Katsman

Gilit Chomski of Ynet interviews some of the mothers, as well as rabbis who have ruled on the’s_not_shabbos_table

Daddy’s Not At The Shabbos Table


by Sandee Brawarsky

Jewish Week Book Critic     By Chavie Lieber

Documentary film, “And Baby Makes Two,” produced and directed by Judith Katz and Oren Rudavsky,


Aviva Harbater

KayamaMoms co-founder and co-director Dina Pinner, originally from the U.K. and living in Jerusalem for many years now.

Rebecca Schischa: How did KayamaMoms come about?

Dina Pinner:

co-founders / co-directors, Yael Ukeles and Dvora Ross

Jane Mattes, LCSW Founder and Director, Single Mothers by Choice (SMC)